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Microsoft has acquired GitHub

04 June, 2018, 11:23 | Author: Joanna Little

Microsoft is believed to have entered into an agreement to buy code repository site GitHub.

There have always been rumors that Microsoft has an interest in buying GitHub, but in recent weeks it seems that talks between the two companies have been getting more serious. It has been struggling to find a CEO after Wanstrath stepped down from the position. It also helps Microsoft, which is increasingly relying on open-source software, to add programming tools and tie up with a company that has become a key part of the way Microsoft writes its own software.

A combination of Microsoft and GitHub would make a lot of sense from a product and customer perspective, and it could provide stability for GitHub, which has found plans to monetize its popular products more challenging than expected and suffered a lot of turnover in its executive ranks.

On the other hand, GitHub is one of the most used tools by the developers all over the world.


In early May, Microsoft revealed a new partnership with GitHub that was meant to bring the power of Azure DevOps services to GitHub users. The terms of the deal aren't known yet.

So by that measure, this deal will be the real test of Microsoft's newfound love for open-source software and multiplatform development.

In the latest development, as per Bloomberg, Microsoft has actually agreed to buy the code hosting site.

When a sweaty Steve Ballmer made that classic speech to software developers at Microsoft's 25th anniversary celebration in 2000, that was probably the last time Microsoft commanded the full attention of the developer community, which was also much smaller at the time. More than 75 percent of respondents think the acquisition is a bad move, and the likes of Google and Disney have been suggested as more suitable buyers. In the years following that performance, Apple stole the mobile computing show with iOS, and AWS won the hearts and minds of enterprise developers with its cloud services.



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