Canada to witness longest lunar eclipse of 21st century this week

26 July, 2018, 20:16 | Author: Sidney Guerrero
  • Blood Moon What you need to know to catch Friday's lunar eclipse in France

Residents in Australia will be able to see the lunar eclipse as the moon sets, while those in eastern Brazil and western Europe can see it as the moon is rising.

According to The Weather Network, from start to finish, the total lunar eclipse where the Moon will appear completely red, will last for 103 minutes. "That is why a full moon at or near lunar apogee adds to the duration of a total lunar eclipse", said Debiprosad Duari, a director, at the MP Birla Institute of Fundamental Research, MP Birla Planetarium, to PTI.

Lunar eclipse or Chandra Grahan is a phenomenon when Earth is aligned (falls in a line) directly with the Moon and the Sun, while the orbit of the Moon brings the orb into the Earth's shadow. Additionally, near the eclipsed "blood moon" on Friday will be the "red planet" Mars shining at its brightest in 15 years.

Scientists say the longest total lunar eclipse of this century will grace the night sky on Friday, turning the moon a reddish color.

Lunar eclipses can occur only during a full moon, and this one is extra special because it's also the Blood Moon.

Planetarium to make arrangements for viewing Blood Moon
When to MISS the longest Lunar Eclipse of the century

The only light reflected from the lunar surface has been refracted by Earth's atmosphere. This is the lunar eclipse, where the last eclipse we had was a solar eclipse.

Because of the way the light moves through and bends around our atmosphere and planetary exterior, the light that hits the moon is red.

In mainland France, the eclipse will be visible from 10 pm - 10.30 pm and it is expected to last until almost 12.30 am. Another total lunar eclipse is set for January 21, 2019.

For people in the United Kingdom, the "blood moon" will rise in the south-eastern sky already immersed completely in the Earth's shadow. The Moon will get to the height of the eclipse at around 1.51 am, at which point it would have reached the centre of the Umbra. Half an hour later, the moon will be at the midpoint of the eclipse and it will turn red. The entire United States won't be able to see a full lunar eclipse again until January. It will be Mars's closest approach to our planet in over a decade so the planet will appear bigger in the sky. Unlike a solar eclipse, the lunar event can be viewed without wearing protective eye gear. Here, a partial lunar eclipse will happen near moon rise time, according to NASA. Those of you in the United Kingdom should look for this eclipse starting in at around 11PM (that's 23:00 hours) local time.

But there is some bad news: If you're in North America, you won't be able to see it yourself (but there will be live video online).

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