MLB Proposed New '3-Batter Limit' Pitching Rule is Absolute Garbage

11 February, 2019, 06:55 | Author: Marlene Myers
  • Rosenthal Three-batter requirement for all pitchers universal DH part of proposals that could bring big change to baseball

Major League Baseball and its union have had substantive discussions in recent days over a series of proposals, among the most drastic proposed changes in years, that could bring significant rule changes to the sport in 2019 and beyond, according to two sources familiar with those talks. Also on the list of rules under consideration is moving away from multiple trade deadlines - now there is a non-waiver deadline in July, plus the waivers-required date a month later. The union proposed the idea, but the commissioner is more anxious about the pace of play rather than making the game more exciting with another hitter in the lineup rather than seeing a pitcher try to put down a bunt in the second inning with one out and a runner at first.

The current Collective Bargaining Agreement expires in December, 2021. The pitch-clock would penalize pitchers or hitters who stall between pitches with a ball or a strike call.

Among them, according to an ESPN report, is a universal designated hitter; a three-batter minimum for pitchers; one trade deadline before the All-Star break; a 20-second pitch clock; and expanding rosters to 26 with a 12-pitchers maximum.

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Owners meetings are scheduled for this week and spring training begins next week.

This proposed rule also goes against the direction that the game is headed in, strategy-wise, which includes more relief pitchers in different situations, like what we saw from the Tampa Bay Rays this year. While numerous proposed changes like the universal DH and a single trade deadline seem like great ideas, there is one suggestion that made me cringe. "A lowering of a team's draft position for failing to reach a specified win total in a certain number of seasons is believed to be part of the union's plan".

Major League Baseball wants pitch clocks and further restrictions on mound visits without pitching changes.



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